GAR! Podcast Episode 8- Rick Roll The NSA! (Or, Arguing About Comics)

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This is a JAM-PACKED episode! We start with a theme song by Mrs. Glenn Walker, run right into political protest (sort of), debate whether Candy Crush Saga is evil….and then…


How can you miss that?

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

Theme song / Ray gets political, not / NSA and Verizon / Rickroll the Government / Glenn’s dream / guest host for September / Joyce Carol Oates on The Onion / Kickstarter / Candy Crush is evil / Injustice and fighting games / the death of Catwoman / Paul Jenkins / Glenn vs. Ray over comics / Marvel vs. DC / story vs. art / Ray vs. DC / Age of Ultron Book Nine / time travel paradoxes / Pym redemption / Bob Harras and the Avengers jacket era / Ray talks about Dave Sim, again / Barnaby

This week’s links:

and the accompanying video:

South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

Joyce Carol Oates on The Onion (NSFW)

Ace Kilroy by Rob Kelly and Dan O’Connor


The Paul Jenkins Exit Interview

Our friend Terry’s Cerebus blog


And remember kids, Candy Crush Saga is evil!

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