GAR! Podcast Episode 8- Rick Roll The NSA! (Or, Arguing About Comics)

This is a JAM-PACKED episode! We start with a theme song by Mrs. Glenn Walker, run right into political protest (sort of), debate whether Candy Crush Saga is evil….and then…


How can you miss that?

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

Theme song / Ray gets political, not / NSA and Verizon / Rickroll the Government / Glenn’s dream / guest host for September / Joyce Carol Oates on The Onion / Kickstarter / Candy Crush is evil / Injustice and fighting games / the death of Catwoman / Paul Jenkins / Glenn vs. Ray over comics / Marvel vs. DC / story vs. art / Ray vs. DC / Age of Ultron Book Nine / time travel paradoxes / Pym redemption / Bob Harras and the Avengers jacket era / Ray talks about Dave Sim, again / Barnaby

This week’s links:

and the accompanying video:

South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

Joyce Carol Oates on The Onion (NSFW)

Ace Kilroy by Rob Kelly and Dan O’Connor


The Paul Jenkins Exit Interview

Our friend Terry’s Cerebus blog


And remember kids, Candy Crush Saga is evil!

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GAR! Podcast Episode 7- Our favorite comic book artists!

This is the big one, folks! Ray and Glenn each name their five favorite comic book artists! I’ll be posting our choices for the best working comic book artists this weekend- or you can listen to the show and find out yourself!

On the podcast this week:

Criswell intro / the improv GAR! theme / podcast secrets / restaurant talk / bacon to your bed in Baltimore / Philip K. Dick / South Jersey Writers / Biff Bam Pop! / Scandal / Community / Arrested Development / Reddit / Demon’s Souls / desk-slapping / thank you / Glenn and Ray’s top five working comics artists / no closing line yet


The Art of Wrestling Podcast

French Fry Diary

Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth Kickstarter

South Jersey Writers

South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

Biff Bam Pop!

Strange World, the Biff Bam Pop! Anthology, featuring Glenn’s short story, “Live to Write”

All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast

The Red Wing at All Things Fun!

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GAR! Podcast Episode 6- These Boots Are Made For Rasslin’

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

Slick Rick / Everlast / Everclear / Eminem / Prince / Glenn doesn’t like wrestling / Ray explains wrestling / the history of wrestling / Hulk Hogan turns heel / Axl Rose / Oasis / Dave Sim / Uncanny Avengers / Uncanny X-Force / Avengers don’t give up / best artists


Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” by Everlast:

“Father of Mine” by Everclear:

School of Rock:

2011: Year of the Aardvark:

One Year. 26 Seasons. Seven Doctors.:

Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings” from SNL in 1992:

“The Shock of the Lightning” by Oasis:

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GAR! Podcast Episode 5- Reboots, Cancellations, and European Pop

It’s a double-sized, jam-packed episode of the geekiest podcast ever, GAR! This week, Glenn and Ray talked cancelled comics, Lois Lane, and Eurovision, among other things…

This week’s episode: 

Getting comfortable / cat convos / spambaiting / the baked beans story / Dial H / Vertigo / Legion of Super-Heroes / Jim Shooter / Keith Giffen / Paul Levitz / why Ray hates Lois Lane / new DC 52 / Challengers of the Unknown / tryout comics / reality TV comics / Paul Jenkins / Cerebus / action movies / Eurovision / American Idol / Morrissey /

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The Spam Project:


Why Glenn Likes Lois Lane:



Deathmatch by Paul Jenkins:

2011: Year of the Aardvark:

One Year. 26 Seasons. Seven Doctors.:



Glenn blogging on Eurovision:

Norway’s Eurovision 2013 entry:

Lordi at Eurovision: http://youtu/be/gAh9NRGNhUU

Check out this episode

GAR! Podcast Episode 4- The one where Glenn nearly dies

Glenn was fighting an incredibly bad cold this week, but did he let that stop him from giving an incredible podcast? NO HE DID NOT BECAUSE HE IS GLENN. You can’t stop Glenn, you can only hope to contain him

So what did we talk about this week?

  • TwoMorrow’s brand new magazine, COMIC BOOK CREATOR
  • Old school hip hop- yes, you’re about to hear two 40+ year old white men talk about rap. (And nerdcore, too.)
  • The Jodi Arias verdict (no really, the Jodi Arias verdict) and problems with today’s media
  • an epic conversation about the worst relationships in comics
  • Judex, a French pulp action hero from the early days of movies

And here’s the links:

Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree
Monie Love
Treasury Comics Blog
Adam WarRock
Comic Book Creator from TwoMorrows
Jon B. Cooke’s devastating article on Jack Kirby
So Ray thought this was the TV talking head…
…but GLenn corrected him when he sent the links.
French pulp adventure from the silent movie era

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GAR! Podcast Episode 3- The one where Ray can’t stop talking about Steve Ditko

You’ve somehow gotten through another week, and it’s time again for GAR! This week’s show:

Check out this episode

GAR! Podcast Episode 2- A Love Letter To Nadia G.

Glenn and Ray had a fantastic show this week, talking about everything from cooking shows to Silver Age comic book editors. Here’s a list of some of the topics covered this week:

  • Herb Trimpe, Fantastic Four Unlimited, and other disappointing comics
  • The trailer for the new Thor movie
  • Nadia G’s “Bitchin’ Kitchen” show, her appearance on Chopped All Stars, and how to play Chopped Roulette
  • Glenn’s new favorite TV show, “DaVinci’s Demons”
  • Ray’s new corporate master, Amazon
  • Warren Ellis’s new novel, “Gun Machine
  • Silver Age Superman editor, Mort Weisinger, and the Comics Journal article about his particular neuroses
  • Glenn’s favorite pulp author, Derrick Ferguson
  • Ray’s favorite classic radio show, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar“, and the career of Bob Bailey

You can listen at, or look for us at iTunes!

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GAR Podcast Episode 1- Finally!

After years of talking about it, planning it, stalling by Ray, and grumbling by Glenn (over Ray’s stalling), we’ve finally done it! Yes folks, GAR! is live! The Glenn and Ray podcast is finally up and running! We’ve got a lot more work to do to make this place look spiffy, but at least you can finally hear the madness for yourself.

This week’s episode:

  • Just who ARE Glenn and Ray, anyway?
  • Ray can’t shut up about Fantastic Four
  • Glenn talks about Age of Ultron

Please leave us some feedback. We will be setting up the podcast on iTunes this week! If you have any problems, please let us know at:

gar <at> raycornwall <dot> com


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