The GAR! Podcast 154: The Smartest Person in the Room

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast is a GAR threesome with Nerdfect Strangers’ Jerry Whitworth, and includes discussion of the following:

Bleeding Cool / Wizard / Quora / who is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe? / the Ethan Davis scale / the validity of an Xavier degree / Jughead / marketing / Richards and Doom / narrowing it down / psychosis / humanity / Valeria and Otto the babysitter / Spider-spoiler / the Clone Saga / the smartest person in the DC Universe / king Batman / many mad scientists / JLA braintrust / Ozymandias / back to Batman / closing /

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The Most Intelligent Character in the Marvel Universe

Who Is Smarter ? Dr. Banner or Dr. Octopus?

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GAR! Podcast Episode 56: Action Park

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

pre-show intro / Make Mine Magic pilots / Stone Cold Steve Austin / spicy language / straight edge Ray / Boys State / the heat / Ray’s brilliant idea of the week / the Olympics / Eurovision / the Olympics in NJ / Action Park / flume of doom / rides of death / Simpsons Tooth Chipper / Ski Mountain / the turnpike / Battle of the Network Stars / XFL / The Waltons / early Fox TV shows / Fridays / Saturday Night Live / bands live / ranking the Weekend Update anchors / poor Charlie Rocket / Norm MacDonald / Dennis Miller / comedy and politics / The Late Shift / the lost art of the talk show / The Tonight Show / podcasting / cleaning out the fridge / shout outs / closing /


The Make Mine Magic Podcast: The Lost Pilots

The Steve Austin Show

American Legion Jersey Boys State


Nobody Wants to Host the 2022 Olympics

Glenn on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Action Park

The Action Park Documentary

Action Park at Weird NJ

14 Story Log Flume

“Battle of the Network Stars”

“Mr. President” on Fox

“Herman’s Head” on Fox

“Woops!” on Fox


GAR! talks SNL music

Ranking the Weekend Update Anchors

Norm MacDonald tells the funniest joke ever told

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ALA in Las Vegas

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“Stick Around” with Andy Kaufman