GAR! Podcast Episode 2- A Love Letter To Nadia G.

Glenn and Ray had a fantastic show this week, talking about everything from cooking shows to Silver Age comic book editors. Here’s a list of some of the topics covered this week:

  • Herb Trimpe, Fantastic Four Unlimited, and other disappointing comics
  • The trailer for the new Thor movie
  • Nadia G’s “Bitchin’ Kitchen” show, her appearance on Chopped All Stars, and how to play Chopped Roulette
  • Glenn’s new favorite TV show, “DaVinci’s Demons”
  • Ray’s new corporate master, Amazon
  • Warren Ellis’s new novel, “Gun Machine
  • Silver Age Superman editor, Mort Weisinger, and the Comics Journal article about his particular neuroses
  • Glenn’s favorite pulp author, Derrick Ferguson
  • Ray’s favorite classic radio show, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar“, and the career of Bob Bailey

You can listen at, or look for us at iTunes!

Direct download: GAR_2.mp3

GAR Podcast Episode 1- Finally!

After years of talking about it, planning it, stalling by Ray, and grumbling by Glenn (over Ray’s stalling), we’ve finally done it! Yes folks, GAR! is live! The Glenn and Ray podcast is finally up and running! We’ve got a lot more work to do to make this place look spiffy, but at least you can finally hear the madness for yourself.

This week’s episode:

  • Just who ARE Glenn and Ray, anyway?
  • Ray can’t shut up about Fantastic Four
  • Glenn talks about Age of Ultron

Please leave us some feedback. We will be setting up the podcast on iTunes this week! If you have any problems, please let us know at:

gar <at> raycornwall <dot> com


Direct Download of MP3 here.