GAR! Podcast Episode 5- Reboots, Cancellations, and European Pop

It’s a double-sized, jam-packed episode of the geekiest podcast ever, GAR! This week, Glenn and Ray talked cancelled comics, Lois Lane, and Eurovision, among other things…

This week’s episode: 

Getting comfortable / cat convos / spambaiting / the baked beans story / Dial H / Vertigo / Legion of Super-Heroes / Jim Shooter / Keith Giffen / Paul Levitz / why Ray hates Lois Lane / new DC 52 / Challengers of the Unknown / tryout comics / reality TV comics / Paul Jenkins / Cerebus / action movies / Eurovision / American Idol / Morrissey /

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The Spam Project:


Why Glenn Likes Lois Lane:



Deathmatch by Paul Jenkins:

2011: Year of the Aardvark:

One Year. 26 Seasons. Seven Doctors.:



Glenn blogging on Eurovision:

Norway’s Eurovision 2013 entry:

Lordi at Eurovision: http://youtu/be/gAh9NRGNhUU

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