GAR! Podcast Episode 5- Reboots, Cancellations, and European Pop

It’s a double-sized, jam-packed episode of the geekiest podcast ever, GAR! This week, Glenn and Ray talked cancelled comics, Lois Lane, and Eurovision, among other things…

This week’s episode: 

Getting comfortable / cat convos / spambaiting / the baked beans story / Dial H / Vertigo / Legion of Super-Heroes / Jim Shooter / Keith Giffen / Paul Levitz / why Ray hates Lois Lane / new DC 52 / Challengers of the Unknown / tryout comics / reality TV comics / Paul Jenkins / Cerebus / action movies / Eurovision / American Idol / Morrissey /

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The Spam Project:


Why Glenn Likes Lois Lane:



Deathmatch by Paul Jenkins:

2011: Year of the Aardvark:

One Year. 26 Seasons. Seven Doctors.:



Glenn blogging on Eurovision:

Norway’s Eurovision 2013 entry:

Lordi at Eurovision: http://youtu/be/gAh9NRGNhUU

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2 thoughts on “GAR! Podcast Episode 5- Reboots, Cancellations, and European Pop”

  1. I got through the whole thing! Yay! That shade of blue looks pretty sweet on Ultivac… the only thing is that the angle of his head makes him look like he’s wearing a baseball cap, which sort of ruins the look.

    Good stuff, guys!

  2. Of course I made it all the way through.

    Holy shit, I got mentioned like 5 times!

    Eurovision is mad crazy, and though I don’t know if it would work in the US, I really like Ray’s idea of the 50 states (and we’d have to let the territories participate, too) submitting a musical act/song would be a great AmeriVision!

    I totally support Ray’s idea of a LOIS LANE comic. I would imagine getting Gail Simone to write it would be pretty feasible if they were going this route.

    Thanks for the love for my CEREBUS blog. :) When Sim dies, I believe the property is supposed to go to public domain (someone told me/I read that somewhere, I think, so I could be wrong) – I’ve always thought that it would be cool to ‘pick up’ Cerebus’ tale from approx issue 150 and do the rest of the story differently (for me, that’s the approximation of where the story started to fall apart.)

    Talking about superheroes and reality tv: 1) I’ve always wanted to run a RPG based around a reality contest for a bunch of superheroes trying out for an open slot in an established team of heroes. 2) WILD CARDS did a fantastic trilogy centered around a reality show and the characters’ stories after the show. Super well done.

    Again, I loved this episode and it reinforces my opinion that a ~30 min cut off (like you guys have ever done that, I think they’ve all been over 30m) is unfair to your loyal listeners. Shoot for 45m and if you go over like this one, then you go over.

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