GAR! Podcast Episode 4- The one where Glenn nearly dies

Glenn was fighting an incredibly bad cold this week, but did he let that stop him from giving an incredible podcast? NO HE DID NOT BECAUSE HE IS GLENN. You can’t stop Glenn, you can only hope to contain him

So what did we talk about this week?

  • TwoMorrow’s brand new magazine, COMIC BOOK CREATOR
  • Old school hip hop- yes, you’re about to hear two 40+ year old white men talk about rap. (And nerdcore, too.)
  • The Jodi Arias verdict (no really, the Jodi Arias verdict) and problems with today’s media
  • an epic conversation about the worst relationships in comics
  • Judex, a French pulp action hero from the early days of movies

And here’s the links:

Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree
Monie Love
Treasury Comics Blog
Adam WarRock
Comic Book Creator from TwoMorrows
Jon B. Cooke’s devastating article on Jack Kirby
So Ray thought this was the TV talking head…
…but GLenn corrected him when he sent the links.
French pulp adventure from the silent movie era

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2 thoughts on “GAR! Podcast Episode 4- The one where Glenn nearly dies”

  1. Enjoyed it muchly, though you guys went well over 30m ;) Not complaining, I think you guys should shoot for 45m as a cut off instead of 30m, cuz that’s just not long enough for a proper dose of GAR.

    Also, my cats were very interested in speaking to you guys as you played over the speakers. Ruckus kept looking for people talking, but there weren’t any behind the computer…

  2. The 30 minute rule has always been Glenn’s. I’ve been a proponent of 45 minutes, but I’m okay with the 30 minute rule only because if we said 45 minutes, we’d probably go an hour. I never look at the clock while we’re talking. If I did, I’d screw up.

    Thanks for the compliment, Terry. And we now know that our biggest audience is cats who want a 45-minute podcast. That’s market research you can’t buy!

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