GAR! Podcast Episode 10: Ultron vs. Kanye West for the WWE Championship!

Once again, this is it, turn it up! YO! Glenn and Ray do battle over Marvel crossovers and Yeezus himself. How can you miss this?

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following: Age of Ultron Book Ten / is he a time traveler? / disaster porn / end of Ultron / event history / 2099 / Angela / the PymPad and Marvel’s ten year plan / building drops and the Bill Mantlo Hulk / Sal Buscema / Avengers AI vs. Metal Men / time headaches / Dave Sim, Alan Moore, and Kang walk into a bar… / ebooks / South Jersey Writers / The End of the World Sucks / Ace Kilroy / ComicBook Babylon / listener feedback / Kanye West’s Yeezus / Phil Collins / American Psycho / personal life vs. creative life / Patti O’Brien and Mike Nasser / Justice League 3000 / the Legion is dead /

Links: Glenn’s Review of Age of Ultron

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The End of the World Sucks on Amazon

Sharon Trembley

Ace Kilroy

Ace Kilroy Volume Two Kickstarter

Clifford Meth’s ComicBook Babylon

Yeezus by Kanye West, listen at your own risk

The Grantland Yeezus Review

Glenn decided you needed to listen to Genesis this week:

A Broad Abroad

Jerry Whitworth

Justice League 3000

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