GAR! Podcast Episode 9: Hello Samoa!

Wrestling! Cooking! TV! Cats! How can you miss this episode?

On this week’s episode Candy Crush / Anniversaries vs. expensive videogames / Saints Row IV / Grand Theft Auto V / Khoi Pham and Mighty Avengers / Samoa / Game of Thrones / reading source material / Wild Cards / HBO and genre / tales from the WWE universe: Daniel Bryan / Identity Crisis / Bates Motel / an examination of Hell’s Kitchen / Biff Bam Popcast / Glove and Boots /


Candy Crush Wants My Soul


South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

Wild Cards

Daniel Bryan

The Waltons

Identity Crisis

Comics Alliance on Identity Crisis Brad Meltzer

Glenn’s review of the Bates Motel pilot

Marie Gilbert’s reviews of Bates Motel at Biff Bam Pop!

The Biff Bam Popcast

And video! My favorite RAW match of the year- Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback! (It’s cut down by the WWE, but man, it’s a great match)

Glenn, the non-wrestling fan, demands equal time and posts his favorite version of…Rybak…(please send all complaints to @monsura on Twitter, folks):

And finally, The 2013 Summer Movie Review by two puppets who haven’t watched the movies yet (surprising accurate):

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