GAR! Podcast Episode 2- A Love Letter To Nadia G.

Glenn and Ray had a fantastic show this week, talking about everything from cooking shows to Silver Age comic book editors. Here’s a list of some of the topics covered this week:

  • Herb Trimpe, Fantastic Four Unlimited, and other disappointing comics
  • The trailer for the new Thor movie
  • Nadia G’s “Bitchin’ Kitchen” show, her appearance on Chopped All Stars, and how to play Chopped Roulette
  • Glenn’s new favorite TV show, “DaVinci’s Demons”
  • Ray’s new corporate master, Amazon
  • Warren Ellis’s new novel, “Gun Machine
  • Silver Age Superman editor, Mort Weisinger, and the Comics Journal article about his particular neuroses
  • Glenn’s favorite pulp author, Derrick Ferguson
  • Ray’s favorite classic radio show, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar“, and the career of Bob Bailey

You can listen at, or look for us at iTunes!

Direct download: GAR_2.mp3