GAR Podcast Episode 12: We Will Never Get A Richman’s Ice Cream Sponsorship

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

Two fat nerds / shout outs / Glenn got an iPad / Captain Midnight / Evernote / Grand Theft Auto / Sniper Elite V2 / Ray’s grandfather / Marvel Augmented Reality / Mark Waid on Man of Steel / Punisher War Zone / Siegel and Shuster / work for hire / WCW War Games / The Humpty Dance / Taco Bell and Richman’s Ice Cream / Paula Deen’s French fries / no excuse for racism / P-Funk and comics / PCU /


South Jersey Writers

The Obligatory Blog

Glenn’s review of Captain Midnight #0


Mark Waid on Man of Steel

The Biff Bam Popcast, Man of Steel edition

Paula Deen’s French Fries recipe (We like the French Fries. Paula Deen, not so much.)

Al Sharpton on Paula Deen

Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book

Mr. Selfridge

Glenn got his Punisher actors mixed up. What follows is the short film Thomas Jane (not Ray Stevenson) put together where he appears to play the Punisher again. Be warned, not family, work, or kid safe…

“The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground

WCW War Games! Meng’s no-sell of the chair shot at 4:00 is a sight to behold:

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GAR! Podcast Episode 11: Special Interview with Ace Kilroy’s Rob Kelly

Today’s podcast is a very special interview with Ace Kilroy’s Rob Kelly! It’s so good we just couldn’t wait, so we’re putting it out early this week. Seriously, this might be the best episode of GAR! we’ve ever done. This podcast includes discussion of the following:+

Rob Kelly introduction / tales from video retail / Swamp Thing / Sheena, Queen of the Jungle /TwoMorrows / Joe Kubert School / Ace Kilroy / why Aquaman rocks / fan tolerance / Community / editorial interference / Justice League Detroit / collaboration with Dan O’Connor / Ace Kilroy Season 3 / Kickstarter advice / just do it /


Ace Kilroy

Ace Kilroy Volume Two Kickstarter

Rob Kelly’s website


The Kubert School

Mark Sautter, Mego Customizer

The Fire and Water Podcast

The Aquaman Shrine


More Ace Kilroy…

Ace Kilroy on Twitter

Ace Kilroy on Tumblr

Ace Kilroy on Facebook

Ace Kilroy on Etsy

And here’s a sampling of Rob’s other cool blogs…

Hey Kids, Comics!

Treasury Comics


JLA Satellite

I Am… the Phantom Stranger

John Carter, Warlord of Comics

Power Records

All in Black & White for 75 Cents

Thanks again to Rob Kelly, and be sure to get over to the Ace Kilroy Volume Two Kickstarter and donate!

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GAR! Podcast Episode 10: Ultron vs. Kanye West for the WWE Championship!

Once again, this is it, turn it up! YO! Glenn and Ray do battle over Marvel crossovers and Yeezus himself. How can you miss this?

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following: Age of Ultron Book Ten / is he a time traveler? / disaster porn / end of Ultron / event history / 2099 / Angela / the PymPad and Marvel’s ten year plan / building drops and the Bill Mantlo Hulk / Sal Buscema / Avengers AI vs. Metal Men / time headaches / Dave Sim, Alan Moore, and Kang walk into a bar… / ebooks / South Jersey Writers / The End of the World Sucks / Ace Kilroy / ComicBook Babylon / listener feedback / Kanye West’s Yeezus / Phil Collins / American Psycho / personal life vs. creative life / Patti O’Brien and Mike Nasser / Justice League 3000 / the Legion is dead /

Links: Glenn’s Review of Age of Ultron

South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

South Jersey Writers’ Group

SJ Writers Anthology Submissions Open

SJ Writers Writing Contest

The End of the World Sucks on Amazon

Sharon Trembley

Ace Kilroy

Ace Kilroy Volume Two Kickstarter

Clifford Meth’s ComicBook Babylon

Yeezus by Kanye West, listen at your own risk

The Grantland Yeezus Review

Glenn decided you needed to listen to Genesis this week:

A Broad Abroad

Jerry Whitworth

Justice League 3000

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GAR! Podcast Episode 9: Hello Samoa!

Wrestling! Cooking! TV! Cats! How can you miss this episode?

On this week’s episode Candy Crush / Anniversaries vs. expensive videogames / Saints Row IV / Grand Theft Auto V / Khoi Pham and Mighty Avengers / Samoa / Game of Thrones / reading source material / Wild Cards / HBO and genre / tales from the WWE universe: Daniel Bryan / Identity Crisis / Bates Motel / an examination of Hell’s Kitchen / Biff Bam Popcast / Glove and Boots /


Candy Crush Wants My Soul


South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

Wild Cards

Daniel Bryan

The Waltons

Identity Crisis

Comics Alliance on Identity Crisis Brad Meltzer

Glenn’s review of the Bates Motel pilot

Marie Gilbert’s reviews of Bates Motel at Biff Bam Pop!

The Biff Bam Popcast

And video! My favorite RAW match of the year- Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback! (It’s cut down by the WWE, but man, it’s a great match)

Glenn, the non-wrestling fan, demands equal time and posts his favorite version of…Rybak…(please send all complaints to @monsura on Twitter, folks):

And finally, The 2013 Summer Movie Review by two puppets who haven’t watched the movies yet (surprising accurate):

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GAR! Podcast Episode 8- Rick Roll The NSA! (Or, Arguing About Comics)

This is a JAM-PACKED episode! We start with a theme song by Mrs. Glenn Walker, run right into political protest (sort of), debate whether Candy Crush Saga is evil….and then…


How can you miss that?

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

Theme song / Ray gets political, not / NSA and Verizon / Rickroll the Government / Glenn’s dream / guest host for September / Joyce Carol Oates on The Onion / Kickstarter / Candy Crush is evil / Injustice and fighting games / the death of Catwoman / Paul Jenkins / Glenn vs. Ray over comics / Marvel vs. DC / story vs. art / Ray vs. DC / Age of Ultron Book Nine / time travel paradoxes / Pym redemption / Bob Harras and the Avengers jacket era / Ray talks about Dave Sim, again / Barnaby

This week’s links:

and the accompanying video:

South Jersey Writers Kickstarter

Joyce Carol Oates on The Onion (NSFW)

Ace Kilroy by Rob Kelly and Dan O’Connor


The Paul Jenkins Exit Interview

Our friend Terry’s Cerebus blog


And remember kids, Candy Crush Saga is evil!

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