GAR! Podcast Episode 11: Special Interview with Ace Kilroy’s Rob Kelly

Today’s podcast is a very special interview with Ace Kilroy’s Rob Kelly! It’s so good we just couldn’t wait, so we’re putting it out early this week. Seriously, this might be the best episode of GAR! we’ve ever done. This podcast includes discussion of the following:+

Rob Kelly introduction / tales from video retail / Swamp Thing / Sheena, Queen of the Jungle /TwoMorrows / Joe Kubert School / Ace Kilroy / why Aquaman rocks / fan tolerance / Community / editorial interference / Justice League Detroit / collaboration with Dan O’Connor / Ace Kilroy Season 3 / Kickstarter advice / just do it /


Ace Kilroy

Ace Kilroy Volume Two Kickstarter

Rob Kelly’s website


The Kubert School

Mark Sautter, Mego Customizer

The Fire and Water Podcast

The Aquaman Shrine


More Ace Kilroy…

Ace Kilroy on Twitter

Ace Kilroy on Tumblr

Ace Kilroy on Facebook

Ace Kilroy on Etsy

And here’s a sampling of Rob’s other cool blogs…

Hey Kids, Comics!

Treasury Comics


JLA Satellite

I Am… the Phantom Stranger

John Carter, Warlord of Comics

Power Records

All in Black & White for 75 Cents

Thanks again to Rob Kelly, and be sure to get over to the Ace Kilroy Volume Two Kickstarter and donate!

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