GAR! Podcast Episode 67: Robin Williams, Led Zeppelin, and Howard the Duck

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

early intro / Robin Williams / his death / funny people / dark Robin / suicide / Mork and Mindy / Mork in Wonderland / Exidor / Pam Dawber / The Crazy Ones / marriage / shenanigans / stand up / Dead Poet Society / the Moon / Robin and Disney / gaming / Glenn’s senility / Snickers / Laugh-In redux / Mork and Mindy the movie / Mork vs. the Fonz / Happy Days spin-offs / Flintstones / Peter Bagge’s Hate / the B-52s / Prince covers / Sinead O’Connor / Spotify / Led Zeppelin live / Live Aid / Astro City / Invincible / Spawn / Guardians of the Galaxy spoiler warning / Howard the Duck / in the news / Steve Gerber / comic strips / Steve Gerber vs. Tom Brevoort / Harlan Ellison, lifetime subscriber / Leonard the Duck / Thanos / GARrred out / closing /


Glenn remembers Robin Williams

Biff Bam Pop! remembers Robin Williams

Why Funny People Kill Themselves

“Out of the Blue”

“Blansky’s Beauties”



All Quacked Up: Steve Gerber, Marvel Comics, and Howard the Duck

Lay’s Do Us A Flavor at French Fry Diary

Biff Bam Pop!

Glenn’s Twitter

Ray’s Twitter

The GAR! Podcast on Facebook


Mork in Wonderland


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