GAR! Podcast Episode 108: Presidential Request

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / All New All Different Avengers / what do you want from Avengers? / the Big Guns / Cap’s Kooky Quartet / classic Avengers / Mark Waid / President Obama podcast interview / caramel pretzels / porn stashes / cats / Prez too cool for the room / Joe Biden / Chris Christie / Hilary Clinton / sports and food / library cuts / Carly Fiorina / Bernie Sanders / Hilary on SNL / Presidential sense of humor / grillin’ with the Bushes / QVC wins / Ray’s sweet potato wedges recipe / Florida and Jersey grillin’ / Ray’s ribeye recipe / The Savory Spice Shop / meat temperatures / Presidential invitations / closing / Richie Rich and Casper / Glenn Walker Author Page at Facebook /



WTF with Marc Maron – President Obama

Kansas City Steak Company

The Big Green Egg

The Savory Spice Shop

Glenn E. Walker

Welcome to Hell

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