GAR! Podcast Episode 73: #GlennDoTheWaterSlide

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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: If you listened to the show, you know that Ray is trying to get Glenn to ride the water slide on his cruise. Glenn, averse to the supertall climb and the ride down the slide that extends over the ship, has said that the only way he’ll do it is if we get 100 people to tweet #GlennDoTheWaterSlide. C’mon people! Let’s get Glenn on the water slide! 

Don’t forget, it’s #GlennDoTheWaterSlide!

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / TCM Cruise / watching movies on the cruise / ship theaters / programming / the sound of Tarantula / Glenn’s happy place / Ray’s excursions / the experience / AquaDuck / Twin Peaks / Rodney Dormitories / VCR adventures / ancient phone technology / Sony’s Spider-Man / Fox’s Fantastic Four / FF cancellation / Thor / the unfilmable FF / Robert Downey, Jr. / Guardians of the Galaxy / Burger King chicken nuggets / missing Spooky / closing /



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