GAR! Podcast Episode 80: Look, It’s A Cute Kitty!

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / malls / Echelon Mall / aborted Nook conversation / the new cat / Ted / high school reunions / high school hell / Facebook friends / ‘there’ / bitter Glenn / okay Ray / peaking in high school / Edgewood / Black Friday / holiday shopping / deals and demographics / Big Hero 6 holiday / Wrapped in Plastic / Mulaney / The Affair / Fatal Attraction / back to The Affair / Deacon from King of Queens / the best Jack Ryan / the Punisher kills the Fantastic Four / closing / greed / sponsored by… /


“Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks” by Andy Burns

John Mulaney Black Out Story NSFW

John Mulaney Tom Jones Story NSFW

Actor Victor Williams

The Punisher kills the Fantastic Four

Biff Bam Pop!

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One thought on “GAR! Podcast Episode 80: Look, It’s A Cute Kitty!”

  1. I loved this episode! I appreciate opening up the conversation about the pain of high school; I definitely didn’t get through entirely undamaged either. And WOW! Re: Ray’s response to “The Affair,” I realize how I so don’t live in the world of monogamy. That was interesting and amusing. Oh, and the new cat rocks.

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