GAR! Podcast Episode 79: The Old Man Episode


This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

OG intro / Yellow Pages / library phone books / encyclopedia / classics of literature / RIP Philadelphia Wings / Philadelphia 76ers / tickets / Chuck Berry / Spotify / David Bowie / Quadrophenia / liner notes / Pono / cassettes and vinyl / Guardians of the Galaxy / Big Hero 6 / Sandman Mystery Theatre / Silver Age Mark Waid / Conan / Barry Windsor-Smith / dark chocolate birthday / closing and thank you / Biff Bam Pop! Gift Guide / Amazon /



New England Black Wolves

Philadelphia 76ers

Robin Renee


Make Mine Magic on Big Hero 6

Glenn’s review of The Flash: Going Rogue

Glenn’s review of Avengers Assemble: Nighthawk

Biff Bam Pop! Gift Guide for 2013

Biff Bam Pop!

Glenn’s Twitter

Ray’s Twitter

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GAR! Podcast Episode 27: Hey Kids, Comics! Special Guest Rob Kelly

This week’s special episode of The GAR! Podcast includes returning guest Rob Kelly to discuss his new book HEY KIDS, COMICS!as well as the following:

re-introducing Rob Kelly / Rob’s blogs / M*A*S*H / Hey Kids, Comics! / old school comics experiences / religious Archie / Doug Slack / comics 3-packs / Dazzler did it / comics in college / Chris Ryall at IDW / sequel? / the photos / I can do that / the new Peanuts guy / concept confusion / Glen Weldon / Evan Narcisse / Filmation / Alex Toth / mountain comics / half-cover comics / nostalgia and reception / Slurpee superhero cups / Open All Night / Breaking Bad / Marvel vs. DC / Power Man and Iron Fist / not just any Werewolf by Night / Stan Lee’s Bullpen Bulletins / Ray’s .pdf / Prince pajama party at Paisley Park / Lord of the Rings ending /


Hey Kids, Comics! on Etsy
Hey Kids, Comics! on Amazon
Hey Kids, Comics! at CreateSpace
Hey Kids, Comics! Blog
The Aquaman Shrine
The Fire and Water Podcast
Ace Kilroy
JLA Satellite
I Am… the Phantom Stranger
Treasury Comics
Power Records
John Carter, Warlord of Comics
All in Black & White for 75 Cents
Rob Kelly’s website
Archie Spire Comics
Doug Slack
Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes
“Open All Night”
Stan’s Soapbox The Collection


Aquaman – Trio of Terror

“Open All Night” opening

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