The GAR! Podcast 143: Steak, Tech, and Old School Radio


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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Florida again / Manny’s Original Chophouse / the Red Lobster robbery, again / Manny’s food / restaurant rules / Mugsy and crotch-hitting / Evernote / Legion of Super-Bloggers / the Apple iWatch / biotech / drivers and the driverless / listening on the commute / Ray’s commute / Walkman / Discman in space / old school cassettes / play and record / DJ chatter / Hot Hits 98 / Terry Young / oldies / Apple Music / the iPhone / Ulysses / surprise in the fridge / Joe DeVito’s Kickstarter / closing /



Manny’s Original Chophouse

French Fry Diary

South Jersey Farewell Tour

FFD at Donkey’s Place Too

Amy Holiday

Legion of Super-Bloggers

Hot Hits 98


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