The GAR! Podcast 143: Steak, Tech, and Old School Radio


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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Florida again / Manny’s Original Chophouse / the Red Lobster robbery, again / Manny’s food / restaurant rules / Mugsy and crotch-hitting / Evernote / Legion of Super-Bloggers / the Apple iWatch / biotech / drivers and the driverless / listening on the commute / Ray’s commute / Walkman / Discman in space / old school cassettes / play and record / DJ chatter / Hot Hits 98 / Terry Young / oldies / Apple Music / the iPhone / Ulysses / surprise in the fridge / Joe DeVito’s Kickstarter / closing /



Manny’s Original Chophouse

French Fry Diary

South Jersey Farewell Tour

FFD at Donkey’s Place Too

Amy Holiday

Legion of Super-Bloggers

Hot Hits 98


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GAR! Podcast Episode 60: Special Guest Dennis Knight of Cross

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

special guest Dennis Knight / Cross / enthusiasm / comic book covers / secret origins / Saints Row / carded / XCOM / the mythical David Lisa / Cross in trade / mature audiences / John Romita Jr.’s Superman / more death of Superman / Jack Kirby redrawn in Jimmy Olsen / Tim Seely’s Revival / Chew / Dennis Knight on Green Lantern / Glenn on Wonder Woman / fixing the JSA timeline / Cold War Fantastic Four / Ray on Doctor Doom / Leveling Up with Pronto Comics / closing /

This week’s episode contains language some folks might find inappropriate, please listen with discretion and care.


Camden Comic Con

Dennis’ first GAR! appearance

Pronto Comics


Cross on Facebook

XCOM Enemy Unknown

Read On…Romance

David Lisa on Facebook


Superman #32 at Biff Bam Pop!

Glenn reviews Superman #32 at the All Things Fun! Blogs

Glenn reviews Superman/Wonder Woman #1 at All Things Fun! Blogs

Jack Kirby redrawn

Tim Seeley’s Revival

Leveling Up Pronto Comics Indiegogo Campaign

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Pronto Comics Indiegogo Video


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