The GAR! Podcast 152: Saturday Morning Cartoons

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / puzzles / the election / Watergate / smart graffiti / Avengers who dress like Avengers / who the Avengers should be / Hawkeye / comics we like / Doctor Strange / comic strips / Andy Capp’s Fries / Fantastic Four cartoons / Virginia Beach memories / animated Shazam! / Saturday morning cartoons / rock and roll mystery shows / no ass kicking action / Monster Squad / the Krofft shows / Land of the Lost / Big John, Little John / Clue Club / Almost Anything Goes / 1969 toons / Bugs Bunny on CBS / Chattanooga Cats / Wacky Racers and spin-offs / Jonny Quest / closing /


Glenn reviews of Civil War II

Super! by Unlikely Studios

The Atomic Thunderbolt

Kevin Powers on Twitter

Nerdfect Strangers

Glenn’s review of Marvel’s Doctor Strange

French Fry Diary on Andy Capp’s BBQ Fries

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