GAR! Podcast Episode 75: The Fantastic Four Conspiracy Theory


This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / nerd certification / 75th issues / cruisin’ and workin’ / special guest CL Quillen / Fantastic Four cancellation / James Robinson / Jose Ladronn / snookered / film licensing / the new FF film / rumors / Avengers Disassembled / Crisis of Heroes Reborn / spoiler warning / She-Thing / Malice / Reed gets a job / fall and rise / CM Punk / this is real / sales effect / relaunch / getting the characters right / Doctor Who / research / continuity errors / Bentley 23 / Future Foundation / Matt Fraction / closing / James Robinson’s Twitter /


“Read On … Romance” by C.L. Quillen and Ilene N. Lefkowitz


our first FF cancellation discussion

Jose Ladronn

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