The GAR! Podcast 150: We Give You the Most Fries

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / 150 / inspiration and origin / location / cheesesteaks / Wawa in Florida / BBQ in Florida / Jiffy Pop fire / who gives you the most fries? / Steak ‘n Shake / Shake Shack / Smashburger / left or right restaurants / the movers / new offices / Steve Dillon / Bleeding Cool and proofreading / Wonder Woman by Gail Simone / voting and the election / Bryan Cranston bio / Vine / closing /


Better in the Dark

Derrick Ferguson

Bill Simmons


Donkey’s Place on French Fry Diary

French Fry Diary

Sonny’s BBQ

Delish asks What Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Fries?

Andy Burns on Steve Dillon

Glenn reviews Daredevil: New York’s Finest

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