GAR! Podcast Episode 83: Christmas, Chris Christie, and Crud

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

sick opening / Ray’s hospital adventure / the Eagles Cowboys Christie controversy / South Jersey / Bruce Springsteen / Jersey Shore / hospital advice / crud and Purel / Longwood Gardens / Marie Gilbert – SJWG’s 2014 Writer of the Year / BBP Holiday Gift Guide / Poor Devil / The Ref / J.K. Simmons / It’s a Wonderful Life / Chevy Chase / North Korea / Angelina Jolie / Sony hack threat / MoviePass / Snow update / closing / holiday chocolate / Stryper / poor Scott Stapp /

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hangs out with Emperor Palpatine
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hanging out with Emperor Palpatine.


Longwood Gardens

South Jersey Writers’ Group

Marie Gilbert

“Roof Oasis” by Marie Gilbert

“Roof Oasis” on the 2014 Biff Bam Pop! Holiday Gift Guide

The 2014 Biff Bam Pop! Holiday Gift Guide

Glenn’s review of Poor Devil

Glenn on A Christmas Carol

GAR’s Crazy Chick Mount Rushmore


Biff Bam Pop!

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Ray’s Twitter

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GAR! Podcast Episode 15: Grumpy and Grumpier

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

cranky Ray / digital music / Robin Renee / blog tours / Sharknado / Zimmerman trial / another news rant / Batman ’66 / digital comics / DRM-free comics / All Things Fun! / digital vs. hardcopy / comics shops / why Glenn won’t read Preacher / Squirrel Girl / San Diego Comic-Con / cosplay / leering vs. admiring / Cory Monteith / heroin / don’t do drugs, kids / smoking alcohol and butt chugging / re-watching The Sopranos / The Last Castle / True Romance / violence and horror / test patterns / the other Captain Midnight / Max Headroom / shut down the internet / the last telegraph/gram / Pacific Rim /


Robin Renee

The Robin Renee Blog Tour

“All I Am” by Robin Renee

Glenn’s review of Sharknado

Glenn talking digital comics at Biff Bam Pop!

Glenn’s review of Batman ’66 #1 at All Things Fun!

Image Comics launches DRM-free digital comics

All Things Fun!


Captain Blue Hen Comics


The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast

Glenn explains Squirrel Girl

Biff Bam Popcast – San Diego Comic-Con Edition Cosplay on Syfy

Ray writes about Slave Leia

The Gender Bender Justice League

Cory Monteith

Glenn talks about Dead Is Dead

Smoking Alcohol and Butt Chugging

And this week’s videos:

Intro to “Dead Is Dead” (An amazing anti-drug film)

Best of Max Headroom