GAR! Podcast Episode 64: Batman and Sexology (Married At First Sight)


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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

sugary intro / Batman and Hot Dog Days / Batman 75 at Biff Bam Pop! / Bob Kane / Stan Lee / Ray’s favorite Batman stories / Glenn’s favorite Batman stories / the least favorite / Batman and Robin / The Dark Knight Strikes Again / New 52 continuity / FXX / Metastasis / Married at First Sight / what is a sexologist? / Doug and Jamie / online dating / Vaughn and Monet / Jason and Cortney / the details / B.O.R.N. to Style / GAR makeover / Big Brother / behind the scenes / Glenn’s response to negative feedback / fun fluff / Batman 75 at Biff Bam Pop! / interview with David Alpay / closing /


Batman Day

Hot Dog Day

“Bill the Boy Wonder” by Marc Tyler Nobleman

75 Greatest Batman Stories at Comic Book Resources

Batman: “Night of the Stalker”

Glenn’s review of The Dark Knight Strikes Again


“Married at First Sight”

Dr. Joseph Cilona on Twitter

Dr. Logan Levkoff

“B.O.R.N. to Style”

Misbehavior on “Big Brother”

Crazy Chima on “Big Brother”

Chima’s side

JP Fallavollita at Biff Bam Pop!

Interview with David Alpay of “The Lottery”

Biff Bam Pop!

Glenn’s Twitter

Ray’s Twitter

The GAR! Podcast on Facebook


“Married at First Sight” trailer


Download the MP3 here!

GAR! Podcast Episode 24- Breaking GAR!

Breaking Bad

Special thanks to my wife, CL Quillen, for helping me with the intro!

Glenn and I are MAJOR Breaking Bad fans, so with the series finale airing this Sunday, how could we NOT do an episode about our favorite show? Warning- there are tons of spoilers, so as much as we want you to listen, please wait until you’ve watched Breaking Bad!

This week’s special Breaking Bad episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

Uncle Tio’s bell intro / spoiler alert / in the beginning / the death of Hank / adlibbing / Ozymandias / Dexter / The Newsroom / binge watching / Sons of Anarchy / Saul Goodman / Ray’s obsession / apology / what is it all about / RJ Mitte / Jonathan Banks / evil Todd / real chemistry / strange threesomes / Jesse’s fashion and fate / Walt’s evolution / back to Dexter and Sons of Anarchy / Screen Bid auction / finale predictions / prime suspects / Sopranos ending / loose ends / worst endings / Vince Gilligan / poor Gus Fring /


Breaking Bad at AMC
Breaking Bad at Sony
Breaking Bad at Wikipedia
Breaking Bad at IMDb
Better Call Saul
Breaking Bad outside the US
Screen Bid Breaking Bad auction
Los Pollos Hermanos on Yelp
Giancarlo Esposito on Reddit
Save Walter White
Amazing Breaking Bad photos from Buzzfeed
Ray’s Twitter
Glenn’s Twitter


A Tribute to Hector Salamanca, not work or family safe

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