GAR! Podcast Episode 106: More Wrestling, More Comics

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Joan Crawford / halfway to Halloween / Red Robin / domestic interlude / Stone Cold Steve Austin / wrestler retirement / Paul Heyman / GD Sonic and Rick Rude / Wrestlemania in Dallas / Texas Death Match with Brock Lesnar / Ray’s Secret Wars apology / Inferno / Master of Kung Fu / Old Man Logan / Ultimate End / more Old Man Logan / Section 8 / new take Superman / new takes / New Gods / messing with Kirby / Superior Spider-Man / Glenn’s Superman / accessibility / renumbering / closing /



“Joan Crawford” by Blue Oyster Cult

The Steve Austin Show podcast

Rappin’ Ray on Secret Wars

Ray on Old Man Logan and Master of Kung Fu

Biff Bam Pop!

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