GAR! 157: Special Guest Joe DeVito

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Big news: Friend of GAR! and master illustrator Joe DeVito rejoins us to talk about his new Kickstarter campaign. Listen in and check out the campaign!

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / alligators and crocodiles / body structure / sandhill cranes and dinosaurs / eagles / turkeys / bigger gators and crocs / the museum skeleton pic / fossil evolution / dinosaur toys / dinosaur books / King Kong / Son of Kong / the spider pit sequence / Cooper and film / War Eagles / Flying Tigers / Philadelphia Navy Yard / filling in the details / the USS Enterprise / the FU Center / the USS America / cellphone / the Kickstarter / Skull Island / backstory and passion / Willy Wonka and logic / Kong questions / Kong of Skull Island from Boom! Comics / old as you feel / the good life and working on it / closing / the 2017 Camden Comic Con /


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Jurassic World at the Franklin Institute

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2017 Camden Comic Con

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