GAR Podcast Episode 89: Worst. Episode. Ever.


This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / mature content warning / Bitch Planet / relationship advice feedback / father daughter love / Ray just won’t stop / apology / dumpster love / Little League cheaters / May September Love / Manson in love / living down by the creek / wild turkeys and wives / Wrestling and Twitter / Animal Crossing / Game Stop / Tetris / Funcoland / Dairy Queen / stores of the mall / Radio Shack / the mall game / Bahama Breeze / Taco Bell / more mall game / scraping the bottom of the barrel / back to Bitch Planet / Ant-Man and Nick Spencer / Charles Soule and She-Hulk / Agent Carter / Spider-Man and Marvel Studios / Sherlock / Better Call Saul / closing /


Bitch Planet Tumblr

What It’s Like to Date Your Dad

Kathryn Harrison’s “The Kiss”

Woman Marries Herself

Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

Man Marries Himself

May September Romance

Manson Wedding Still On

Bahama Breeze at French Fry Diary

Glenn’s review of Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Charles Soule’s blog

Glenn’s “Agent Carter” reviews at Biff Bam Pop!

Biff Bam Pop!

Glenn’s Twitter

Ray’s Twitter

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