GAR! Podcast Episode 76: Cruises, Covers, Prince, and Uncomfortable Baseball Memories

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

nude rocket / post-intro / the TCM Classic Cruise / waterslide / cardiologists / the movies / selfies / Alex Trebek / The African Queen / dining on the cruise / other cruises / making friends / comic con cruise / Camden Comic Con 2015 / Aretha Franklin / Ray’s rules for covers / Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean / Aretha again / Annie Lennox / Flaming Lips do Sgt. Pepper / back to Billie Jean / Faithful / Dirtbombs / Prince on SNL / Rod Stewart on SNL / Beatles on SNL / World Series / George Brett / the pine tar game / famous hemorrhoids sufferers / closing / Deezer /


TCM Classic Cruise 2014

AquaDunk with Jenn

Pulp AdventureCon

Camden Comic Con 2015

Knuckle Puck Time

GAR! at Camden Comic Con part 1

GAR! at Camden Comic Con part 2

GAR! at Camden Comic Con part 3

The Pine Tar Incident

Deezer buys Stitcher

Biff Bam Pop!

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“Rolling in the Deep” by Aretha Franklin on Letterman


GAR! Podcast Episode 23- French Fry Diary!

This week, we talk about one of Glenn’s side project- French Fry Diary!

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

fry time / French Fry Diary / why fries? / health Nazis / Bloomberg / recommendations / expert / British Chip Shop / the cuts / variations / par-fry and shock fry / childhood / Burger King / Wendy’s / McDonald’s / Chick-fil-A / Sonic / Five Guys / Whopper without a bun / Ray hates Friendly’s / high class / In-N-Out Burger / Taco Bell secrets / poutine and disco fries / not everyday / recipes / fries from the past / sizes and tricks / Roy Rogers / Nathan’s / the infamous Dick Clark restaurant / FFD The Movie / it’s always comes back to Prince / closing


French Fry Diary
also French Fry Diary
French Fry Fairy
The Daily Fry
Freaky Eaters Vs. The Daily Fry
Bloomberg soda ban
Steak ‘n Shake
Glenn in Travel & Leisure
kinds of fries
Glenn’s fry secrets
Nodding Head
Friday Night Fish Food
Burger King New Fries
Wendy’s New Fries
McDonald’s Fries
Five Guys
Berke Breathed’s Whopper without a Bun
In-N-Out Burger
the In-N-Out secret menu
Taco Bell Fries
more fried and potato-ey at the Bell
Biff Bam Pop!
York Steak House
the original Gino’s
Roy Rogers
Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill
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“Breakfast Can Wait” by Prince

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