The GAR! Podcast 142: Don’t Eat the Brussel Sprouts

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / the great 2016 move / bowling / Burger King Mac and Cheetos / Loaded Bloomin’ Onion / Heart Attack Grill / where are the pets? / more moving / Ray’s keepable comics / Glenn’s keepable comics / is She-Hulk dead? / continuity and emotional connection / Captain America is a Nazi / Glenn fights back / Ray on Trump / NJ Primary / travelling with pets / the trip to Florida / FFD recommendations / Donkey’s / closing /



Moon Dog Grill

Glenn’s review of the Moon Dog Grill

Glenn’s reviews of the Cool Dog Cafe

The Loaded Bloomin’ Onion

The Heart Attack Grill

Nerdfect Strangers 34: Florida: America’s Wang

Glenn reviews Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

Glenn’s Civil War II reviews

GAR! interviews Joe DeVito

Joe DeVito’s Kickstarter

South Jersey Writers’ Group

Becca Calloway

Becca on GAR!

French Fry Diary

Glenn’s review of Donkey’s Place

Biff Bam Pop!

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Glenn’s Twitter

Ray’s Twitter

The Adventures of Ray

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The Heart Attack Grill (watch ’til the end to hear the jingle)



GAR! Podcast Episode 23- French Fry Diary!

This week, we talk about one of Glenn’s side project- French Fry Diary!

This week’s podcast includes discussion of the following:

fry time / French Fry Diary / why fries? / health Nazis / Bloomberg / recommendations / expert / British Chip Shop / the cuts / variations / par-fry and shock fry / childhood / Burger King / Wendy’s / McDonald’s / Chick-fil-A / Sonic / Five Guys / Whopper without a bun / Ray hates Friendly’s / high class / In-N-Out Burger / Taco Bell secrets / poutine and disco fries / not everyday / recipes / fries from the past / sizes and tricks / Roy Rogers / Nathan’s / the infamous Dick Clark restaurant / FFD The Movie / it’s always comes back to Prince / closing


French Fry Diary
also French Fry Diary
French Fry Fairy
The Daily Fry
Freaky Eaters Vs. The Daily Fry
Bloomberg soda ban
Steak ‘n Shake
Glenn in Travel & Leisure
kinds of fries
Glenn’s fry secrets
Nodding Head
Friday Night Fish Food
Burger King New Fries
Wendy’s New Fries
McDonald’s Fries
Five Guys
Berke Breathed’s Whopper without a Bun
In-N-Out Burger
the In-N-Out secret menu
Taco Bell Fries
more fried and potato-ey at the Bell
Biff Bam Pop!
York Steak House
the original Gino’s
Roy Rogers
Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill
Ray’s Twitter
Glenn’s Twitter


“Breakfast Can Wait” by Prince

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