The GAR! Podcast 138: The Dark Side of Hoarders

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast, recorded live at the 2016 Camden Comic Con, includes discussion of the following:

intro / deadly microphones / Amy Hollinger / retirement / Amy’s wrestling questions / the Undertaker / WWE vs WWF / Undertaker stories / name that wrestler / Mario Bros. TV / Night Court / Ray’s Hulu obsession / Paul and Saul / Philip K. Dick / Mermaid Man / Ultimate Warrior / name ownership / cosplayers / Spider-Men / more cosplayers / Mister Rogers / Sesame Street / the puppet of death / Funko Pop / Dorothy Must Die / L. Frank Baum’s Oz / Return to Oz / famous last words / the dark side of Hoarders / Robert Repici / superhero creation workshop / Camden Comic Con / Bill Haas / Marie Gilbert and Chris Eilenstine / Bill rules / GAR! cosplay / Preacher / Captain Cold / closing / thank yous / extra closing /






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