The GAR! Podcast 146: Big Debt

Fantastic Four 200-011(AnPymGold-Empire)
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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Rachel at Card Services / Swarm / insults without cursing / Fantastic Four #200 production art / FF the book / comic prices / Francoise Mouly / FF the credits / FF the logo / FF the reprints / vocabulary / comics that teach / comic book science / @insolentdolt / Teen Titans and Shakespeare / Normal by Warren Ellis / Night Talk by George Noory / Coast to Coast AM / The 605 Super Podcast / four hour podcast / Nerdfect Strangers / Tremors / Blood Circus / Glenn’s vacation / be our guest / Mugsy / closing with full credits / Disney Cruise /





Normal by Warren Ellis

Glenn rants about Coast to Coast AM

Night Talk by George Noory

The 605 Super Podcast

Nerdfect Strangers

Nerdfect Strangers watch Tremors 5

Blood Circus

Santo Gold

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GAR! Podcast Episode 29: Diners, Denny’s, DC, and Dads

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

G’n’R / Axel Rose / Chevy Chase / Community / Ray’s commute / Ruby Tuesday / Marlton Diner / Benihana / tipping / the Denny’s tip / the Denny’s South Jersey abandonment / The Ray / Marvel management / editorial fear / Lou Fine / Black Condor / DC goes west / Injustice again / adversarial music tastes / Marilyn Manson on “Talking Dead” / World Series 2013 / awkward fathers conversation / Phillies baseball / Radio Classics / The Green Hornet / the NJ sample ballot /


Duff McKagen on ESPN
Ruby Tuesday
The Pop Shop
The Pop Shop on French Fry Diary
Our friend Crystal’s Twitter
Warren Ellis Captured Ghosts
Warren Ellis: The Captured Ghosts Interviews
Lou Fine’s The Ray
Lou Fine’s Black Condor
Pulp Adventure Con
The Green Hornet Casefiles
The Hornet’s Nest
Ray’s Twitter
Glenn’s Twitter
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Benihana birthday song

Injustice end credits

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