The GAR! Podcast 145: One of Us, One of Us

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Empty Condo / empty space / Cycle of Souls / Mugsy break / Robin Renee / Michael Esworthy / Fleshlords / the political conventions / ColorBar in Brick / too old for social media / iMessage .gifs / Freaks / Moleskines / to do lists / the Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt / the pronunciation of Thanos / the Infinity Gauntlet / MCU gems / dogs and cats / International Iron Man / Mary Jane Watson / Victor Von Doom / Bendisverse Iron Man / Hasbro’s FF / books not read / Normal by Warren Ellis / broken Sherlock Holmes / closing / Stone Cold Steve Austin /



Nerdfect Strangers

Glenn’s reviews of “Young Justice”

1994 article featuring Cycle of Souls

Cycle of Souls on MySpace

South Jersey Writers’ Group

Robin Renee

Michael Esworthy on Facebook

ColorBar The Salon

Glenn talks about Tod Browning and Freaks

The Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt Kerfluffle

Glenn’s reviews of Civil War II

Normal by Warren Ellis

Deadspin article on Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Ray’s Twitter

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