The GAR! Podcast 148: Remembering Captain Noah, Sally Starr, and Other Local Horrors

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Glenn’s wrestling limit / Captain Noah / Larry Ferrari / lost video / the show / Glenn meets Captain Noah / other local kids hosts / Sally Starr / Glenn meets Sally Starr / Wee Willie Webber / Gene London / StarStuff / gambling with Bozo the Clown / Jerry Penacoli / the gerbil thing / the Three Stooges / Dave Sim again / Cerebus / closing /


Nerdfect Strangers

Nerdfect Strangers Podcast

Captain Noah

Larry Ferrari

Sally Starr

Wee Willie Webber

Gene London

Jerry Penacoli

Gerbiling (not for the squeamish)

A Moment of Cerebus

Cerebus in Hell

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Send Your Pictures to Dear Old Captain Noah

Pioneers of Philadelphia Broadcasting Interview with Captain Noah

GAR! Podcast Episode 50: Camden Comic Con, part 2


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Wow- we made 50 episodes! Thanks to all our faithful listeners for listening all this time. 

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

speak down / costume contest / momentary static and feedback / creative community / this show rocks / Knuckle Puck Time / Furious and Frank / Gigio Longo / Adam 12 / dark and light / G. boTiC Productions / Toscana and French fries / digital comics / Philip K. Dick / Guardian Devil and the Hero’s Journey / Holy Terror and Dark Knight / 300 / Captain America The Winter Soldier / the Falcon / Iron Man / does Cap kill? / Mark Poulton / A Cat Named Haiku / haiku and cats / teaching with comics / Koni Waves / demographics / wrestling / WWE Network / Pronto Comics / Phrases to Pages / always an open bar / the Pronto line / Dennis Knight’s Cross / the learning process / ProntoCast / what’s next / “One Star” Bar / Nap Boy and more coming soon / live strippers and spaceships / thank yous /

Very special thanks for this episode go out to Miranda Powell, Bill Haas, Donnie Treadwell, Jennifer Walker, Frank Kamina Castle, Gigio Longo, Mark Poulton, David Rondinelli, Dennis Knight, and Knuckle Puck Time.


Knuckle Puck Time

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Bryan J.L. Glass

G. boTiC Productions

Adam 12

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Toscana in Cherry Hill NJ

French Fry Diary

Glenn’s review of Captain America The Winter Soldier

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Adam 12


GAR! Podcast Episode 34: Jennifer Lawrence in a Slave Leia Bikini

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

mellow Ray / US Presidents in comics / more Rom / Miracleman / Alan Moore / more Miracleman / Marvelman / Sentry / Guardians of the Galaxy / Image Comics / The Authority / Ray’s Black Friday stash / Die Hard / Jennifer Lawrence / marriage free passes / Slave Leia / Oceans 11 / Marx Brothers / Family Guy / Breaking Bad / Christmas and Birthday / Glenn’s holiday card live /

Note from Ray: There is no known pic of Jennifer Lawrence in a Slave Leia bikini. If you have one, please contact the show. IMMEDIATELY.


El Tigre

Superman and JFK

Miracleman #1 at Biff Bam Pop!

Comparing the colors of Miracleman

Magic Words

Comics Beat on Miracleman

Glenn’s review of The Detective

Glenn on “Family Guy”

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series on the Biff Bam Pop! Holiday Gift Guide

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“Aww, look at those dolls WAIT THAT ONE’S HUMAN!”
Look at that angel!
“Gimme back my wallet, kid.”

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