GAR! Podcast Episode 50: Camden Comic Con, part 2


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Wow- we made 50 episodes! Thanks to all our faithful listeners for listening all this time. 

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

speak down / costume contest / momentary static and feedback / creative community / this show rocks / Knuckle Puck Time / Furious and Frank / Gigio Longo / Adam 12 / dark and light / G. boTiC Productions / Toscana and French fries / digital comics / Philip K. Dick / Guardian Devil and the Hero’s Journey / Holy Terror and Dark Knight / 300 / Captain America The Winter Soldier / the Falcon / Iron Man / does Cap kill? / Mark Poulton / A Cat Named Haiku / haiku and cats / teaching with comics / Koni Waves / demographics / wrestling / WWE Network / Pronto Comics / Phrases to Pages / always an open bar / the Pronto line / Dennis Knight’s Cross / the learning process / ProntoCast / what’s next / “One Star” Bar / Nap Boy and more coming soon / live strippers and spaceships / thank yous /

Very special thanks for this episode go out to Miranda Powell, Bill Haas, Donnie Treadwell, Jennifer Walker, Frank Kamina Castle, Gigio Longo, Mark Poulton, David Rondinelli, Dennis Knight, and Knuckle Puck Time.


Knuckle Puck Time

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Bryan J.L. Glass

G. boTiC Productions

Adam 12

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Toscana in Cherry Hill NJ

French Fry Diary

Glenn’s review of Captain America The Winter Soldier

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GAR! Podcast Episode 33: Donkeys, latkes, wrestling, and old comics.

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

on time / Hanukkah / holiday cooking / Donkey’s Place / Philly cheesesteaks / Impact wrestling / Dixie Carter, no, not thatDixie Carter / homo-erotic wrestling / Batman vs Superman, Ray vs Glenn / The Motley Fool on comics / Rom: Spaceknight / Bill Mantlo / Arrow / Doctor Who / Blake’s 7 / Omar / hi to Bobbie and Bruce / Assassin’s Creed / Amish romance and NaNoWriMo / holiday wish lists / Reptilicus / Steve Ditko /


Hanukkah in America

Last year’s potato latke attempt

Donkey’s Place at French Fry Diary

Donkey’s Place

Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman

The Motley Fool on Comics

My name is Bill Mantlo. I want to go home.

Glenn’s Arrow reviews

South Jersey Writers – membership is open

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Ethan Carter III vs. Curryman (edited)

Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Legends of the Super-Heroes: The Roast – Ghetto Man

Rom Spaceknight toy commercial

Reptilicus trailer

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