GAR! 164: Ports and Lands

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In the final of five episodes of The GAR! Podcast recorded live at the 2017 Camden Comic Con, we are visited by friend of the show, Bryan J.L. Glass, followed by us meeting Nog. We discuss the adventures and secrets of Nog, Furious, Mice Templar, comics behind the scenes, Mark Poulton and A Cat Named Haiku, the Portlands, pizza, snow, Florida, Nog vs. Mugsy, Bates Motel, Feud, and Mommie Dearest. Friends Kathy and Quentin also drop by. Special thanks to Jennifer Walker of The Make Mine Magic Podcast for her help putting this one together, she rocks. This episode is a quick but entertaining visit with Bryan, you won’t want to miss it!

The GAR! Podcast is the Glenn Walker and Ray Cornwall weekly podcast where they talk unrehearsed about whatever happens to come to mind. It’s an audio-zine for your mind, a nerd exploration of a nerd world, coming to you from the suburbs of New Jersey and the sunny lakes of Florida via Skype.


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GAR! Podcast Episode 71: You Can’t Keep Two Good Nerds Down

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / death in the family / sitting shiva / Meniere’s disease / Pulp AdventureCon / Gotham / Fish Mooney / Disney Infinity / Thor plays GTA / Ray Rice / Bill Simmons suspended / Roger Goodell and the NFL / Breast Cancer Awareness / sexism in comics / Kieron Gillen’s Marvel Comics / the many faces of Loki / Reading Glasses / Rose Gold / best album closing tracks / Nirvana / Thriller / Sometimes It Snows in April / Kate Bush / thematic or last? / closing / one last one /


Jenn on Twitter

The GAR! Podcast Live from Outside Pulp AdventureCon 2013

Pulp AdventureCon

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Village Whiskey at French Fry Diary

Bill Simmons Suspended

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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“Reading Glasses: Stories Through an Unpredictable Lens”

“Rose Gold” by Walter Mosley

10 Magnificent Album Closing Tracks

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GAR! Podcast Episode 63: Potato Chips and the New Female Thor

Potato ChipsBooby Thor

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

intro / Thor on The View / Thor vs. Archie / Archie vs. Archie / Dan DeCarlo / The View / Chris Hemsworth / more of The View / timing / Batgirl / comics vs. film / San Diego Comic-Con / Stan Lee / Lay’s Do Us A Flavor / the flavor finalists / breaking them down / Oh Yoko! / the predicted un-researched winner / meat chips / Denny’s Atari videogames / Arkanoid / Huff Post on the Lay’s chips / Doritos Jacked / more female Thor / Wolverine interlude / Luther / Chelsea Cain / Better Call Saul / Marvel Star Wars / Gil Kane and Aliens / Grayson / Winter’s Bone again /


The new female Thor

Also on “The View”

Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest

Do Us A Flavor at French Fry Diary

Sexy Feet Flavored Potato Chips

Last year’s Do Us A Flavor contenders at French Fry Diary

Oh Yoko! at French Fry Diary

Hot dog chips at French Fry Diary

Denny’s Atari games

The Huffington Post on the Lay’s chips

Deptford woman’s connection to the Lay’s promotion

Cinnamon Pringles at French Fry Diary

The Doritos mystery flavors

The new female Thor at IGN

Glenn’s mini-review of Grayson #1

“Better Call Saul!”

Grayson at Biff Bam Pop!

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GAR! Podcast Episode 51: Camden Comic Con, part 3

Darwyn Cooke
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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

quick intro / Camden’s Comics / The Bolt / Camden / passion / encouragement / local landmarks / teaching with comics / changing ethnic mix / Robert Repici / Birds of Prey / Arrow / Smallville and the monomyth / why Arrow rocks / Mike Missanelli / listeners / comics and bootlegging / the ages of comics / grim and gritty / Marvel vs. DC / Bronze Age vs. Dark Age / what age are we in now? / Dan DiDio / the corporate age / comics-based videogames / the amalgamated age / Michael Pagdon / people skills / Target and pregnancy / beards / closing and thank-yous /

Very special thanks go out for this episode to Miranda Powell, Bill Haas, Donnie Treadwell, Jennifer Walker, Frank Kamina Castle, Ryan Brady, Hong Nguyen, Robert Repici, Michael Pagdon, Rutgers University, and the Camden Comic Con.


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GAR! Podcast Episode 33: Donkeys, latkes, wrestling, and old comics.

This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

on time / Hanukkah / holiday cooking / Donkey’s Place / Philly cheesesteaks / Impact wrestling / Dixie Carter, no, not thatDixie Carter / homo-erotic wrestling / Batman vs Superman, Ray vs Glenn / The Motley Fool on comics / Rom: Spaceknight / Bill Mantlo / Arrow / Doctor Who / Blake’s 7 / Omar / hi to Bobbie and Bruce / Assassin’s Creed / Amish romance and NaNoWriMo / holiday wish lists / Reptilicus / Steve Ditko /


Hanukkah in America

Last year’s potato latke attempt

Donkey’s Place at French Fry Diary

Donkey’s Place

Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman

The Motley Fool on Comics

My name is Bill Mantlo. I want to go home.

Glenn’s Arrow reviews

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Ethan Carter III vs. Curryman (edited)

Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Legends of the Super-Heroes: The Roast – Ghetto Man

Rom Spaceknight toy commercial

Reptilicus trailer

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