GAR! Podcast Episode 114: Finally, Fantastic Four! (And Denny’s!)

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

apology and intro / Deptford 8 / Fantastic Four 2015 / corporate war / Josh Trank / what FF should be / the best FF comic run / Invisible Woman / The Thing / Human Torch / Reed Richards / Doctor Doom and origins / Namor / box office / romantic rivals / cinematic rights / Ben Grimm / what Ray wants / Johnny and Sue / favorite FF comics / the end of the FF comic / Audacious Eleven / aftermath / Ray’s initial thoughts on a bad movie / the good first half / clobbering time / spoiler warning / superhero movies and heroics / exclusive Sue / the acting / the blame / editing / flaws / Denny’s / The Thing Burger / Make Mine Magic / end of the film franchise / The Terminator / FF in the comics / Deadpool / trust / Wolverine and the X-Men / Kitty Pryde / the special effects / acting with effects / things about the movie Thing / origin without training / locales / cartoon with no plot / Doom’s lack of motivation / scars / anti-source material / the soul of Chronicle / oral history / Denny’s just desserts / thumbs up to Denny’s / young Ray’s thoughts / rating the movie / how bad is it? / closing / All Things Fun! Doctor Who Day / send Ray your toys /


The Fantastic Four Trailer

Ray Watches the Trailer Live

Andy Burns’ review at Biff Bam Pop!

Skott Stotland’s review at The Nerd Signal

Johnny and Sue, and Grant Morrison

The Deadpool Trailer at Biff Bam Pop!

Denny’s Blackwood-Clementon Road

Screen Crush ate everything on the Denny’s Fantastic Four Menu

All Things Fun!

Doctor Who Day at All Things Fun! August 15, 2015

Biff Bam Pop!

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GAR! Podcast Episode 57: Fantastic Fourever!

Byrne's FF
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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

who’s who, what’s what / Marvel killed somebody / Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet / Copra / John Ostrander’s Suicide Squad / kid artists / Adam 12 / Dave Sim goes digital / Crossbones / the Fantastic Four rumor / the FF movies / The Shield murder / vague answers and the company line / the endless run of Fantastic Four / FF counts / no Superman / Moloid in a dress / the new FF / Firearm / bad FF comics / the Brady Bunch / water cooler television junior edition / childhood games / Stevie Wonder and Taxi / Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums 1967-1987 / Sid Vicious’ Way / Wonderwall / Fleetwood Mac, again / Batman Green Hornet redux / the late Kevin Smith / Empire is back again /


Original Sin #3

Greg Brooks, Crimson Avenger artist

Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet


John Ostrander at ComicMix

“How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way”

Adam 12 by Gigio Longo and Nick Suders

Dave Sim’s Digital Cerebus

Glenn reviews the Man-Thing movie

Glenn explains Giant-Size Man-Thing

Michael Jace charged

Glenn remembers Ann B. Davis

Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums 1967-1987



The Fire and Water Podcast

Audacious Eleven

Better in the Dark Podcast

South Jersey Writers’ Group

“Roof Oasis” by Marie Gilbert

Biff Bam Pop!

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“My Way” by Sid Vicious

GAR! Podcast Episode 45: Fangirl Invasion with Special Guest Allison Eckel

Squirrel Girl

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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast, featuring special guest Allison Eckel, includes discussion of the following:

Allison Eckel intro / mystery music / fangirl secret origin / look it up / Batman and Detective Comics / My Little Pony / what’s Allison reading / cat talk / the New 52 / the Comics Code / Teen Titans / Squirrel Girl / the worst videogamer / Grand Theft Auto for middle-aged guys / Women in Refrigerators / Guardians of the Universe / the new Fantastic Four movie / Chronicle / Arrow / Amanda Waller / sizeist comics / Marvel NOW! / plush Wolverine / fat Ghost Rider / what’s his name in the red Deadpool / Gail Simone / digital vs. hardcopy / introductory comics / Beware the Batman / Camden Comic Con / emails / French fries reports / gluten free / Indian restaurants / Girl Scout Cookies /


All Things Fun!

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast

All Things Fun! Blogs

All Things Fun! Blogs by Allison

Promotion Savvy

first comic Glenn read all by himself

C.L.’s book

The Non-Gamer’s Gamer’s Blog

Glenn on Squirrel Girl

Women in Refrigerators

Glenn’s review of Chronicle

Arrow on Glenn’s blog

Camden Comic Con on Facebook

Camden Comic Con on Tumblr

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Hey Kids, Comics! by Rob Kelly

Glenn’s website

The Make Mine Magic Podcast

French Fry Diary

Burger 21

Cool Dog Cafe

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Seriously, don’t mess with Squirrel Girl:


GAR! Podcast Episode 40: OK, It’s All Comics and Wrestling

gar40 copy
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This week’s episode of The GAR! Podcast includes discussion of the following:

stolen intro / WWE Network / history of wrestling / Bruno Sammartino / Lucha Libre / The Golden Girls / Mae Young / women’s wrestling / marketing wrestling / CM Punk / meta-reality / Triple H / Daniel Bryan and the Royal Rumble / Indiana Jones and Ghost / Chozen and Archer / The Super Bowl / Prince on “New Girl” / halftime show / just football / the commercials / Ultimates vs, Galactus / rebooting the Fantastic Four, twice / Doctor Doom / Doom 2099 / Kang the Conqueror / villain color and design / She-Hulk / plugs and outro /


WWE Network

Strong Bad

Chris Rock on O.J. Simpson (NSFW)

“Murder, Sex” by Chozen (NSFW)

Bill Burr Podcast

Glenn’s Favorite Reboots

Glenn reviews the start of Cataclysm

Glenn on Kang the Conqueror

Make Mine Magic Podcast

Audacious Eleven

Robin Renee

February Faves at Biff Bam Pop!

Ace Kilroy


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The Dudley Boyz vs Mae Young and other women

Bruno Mars Halftime Show

Jaguar Super Bowl Commercial

Radio Shack Super Bowl Commercial

Dannon Oikos Super Bowl Commercial